Book Prescriber: About Morgan Weiss

About Morgan Weiss

In 5th grade Morgan spent more than an hour on the bus to and from school each day. Since this was before iPods, to pass the time she would read a book. One morning an 8th grade boy called her a bookworm. Not realizing that it might have been an insult, she looked up and merely nodded at the boy before returning to her book.

While Morgan's love affair with books has been a lifetime in the making, in the last ten years, she has gotten just as much pleasure from finding books for her friends and family as she has from reading.

Surprisingly (to her), Morgan had a few friends who weren’t as interested in reading as she was. She became convinced it was only because they hadn’t found the right books yet.

Since graduating from college, Morgan has lived in many different cities. She has gone to graduate school, obtained a Master’s degree, studied multiple languages, and lived in Europe. Through all this, she was not willing to give up her mission to find books her friends and family would love. She even went as far as buying books and mailing them to her (sometimes unsuspecting) friends.

Book Prescriber is the natural evolution of her passion for reading.  Morgan truly enjoys helping people find books they will love. Whether it’s a cheesy romance novel or a classic, helping others find their own love of reading is her goal.

Morgan has a purple belt in Tae Kwon Do, is a beginner in Kendo (Japanese sword fighting), and is an avid yoga practitioner. She currently resides in the United States.